How do I use my Gnomes?

 The Gnomes are a designed to help couples, kids and friends create fun and thoughtful moments for each other. Each Gnome has features to assist you to be more creative with one another. and enhance communication. The main features that enable communication between you and your loved ones is the back pouch and an embedded NFC Chip (Android & IPhone capable). Various notes, gifts and momentos can be placed in the pouch. Through the NFC Chip and a free App called NFC tools, an NFC enabled smart phone can read and easily program fun links like videos, sound, photos, addresses for scavenger hunts and so much more.

To learn more, see our All About Your Gnomes Video Tutorial.

How do I use Gnoment's embedded NFC Technology?

 Each Gnome is embedded with an NFC Chip. NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communications. It is basically a smart little chip that allows you to read or write digital information with a smartphone at close range.

You will first need an NFC enabled phone ( check if my phone is NFC capable here), along with installing an App named NFC Tools. You will then be able program/write to the embedded NFC Chip by opening the NFC tools App and sharing a link. A link can come from a limitless number of websites and content; for example, it could be a movie you created in YouTube, a photo and message you created in sound cloud, a picture from Instagram or even an address on a google map. The link is pasted in NFC tools and you are then able to program/write to the Chip by placing your phone to the back of the gnome. To read the Chip, all you need is an NFC enabled phone, and by tapping your phone to the back of the gnome, your phone will open up the link so you can see the message. The possibilities are endless and it is so fun to be surprised by Gnome!

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How do I create external content to be shared?

 With the Gnoments embedded NFC Chip and Gnomifications, aside from the text message, additional information is sent by linking websites that have content that you would like to share. Since the content is coming from a source outside of your phone's sim card or computer, we call it external content.

External content can include creating a video, a sound clip, a photo album and more. Using a video as an example; you would first need to create the video and then upload your video to YouTube/Vimeo. You now have external content that you can share and paste as a link to your NFC Chip or to your Gnomification. There are endless possibilities for creating external content.

To learn more and see specific examples, see External Content Video Tutorials

Where is Gnomifications?

 Unfortunately Gnomifications is no longer available.