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Romance Her

Starting at an early age we are all exposed to the mass marketing business of romance. The fairytale romances of cartoon characters, the eccentric antics of couples on TV, and of course the bombardment of glossy advertisements showcasing diamonds and other wildly expensive gifts to woo women. All this drama can make romancing the lady of your life seem unobtainable and like quite the undertaking, but we have good news! It’s not.

The reality is that romancing a woman properly is actually much easier than it may appear. It’s a massive misconception that it takes a big bank account and many grand gestures to be in favor of the one you love. In fact, much like the female gender counterpart, it’s the little things that make us happy. The intention, thought, and heart is what transforms a seemingly simple gesture into a grand one.

We are here to help and once you have read our DIY romance suggestions that will make her heart sing, you will be able to send in your Gnome for some BIG heartfelt results. You can start by announcing your intentions with a Gnomification, programming your NFC chip embedded in your Gnome or handwriting a little note. The hardest part of beginning this process will simply be choosing where to start! That’s a great problem to have right?

Send a Sweet/Sensual Text

Never underestimate the power of the written word. Text messaging has created an amazing opportunity for high-tech love letters. Add more intrigue to your text and send a Gnomification through our Gnoments website! A Gnomification will send a personal emai/textl from you and your Gnome directly to your love and her Gnome. You can make it simple and sweet or sensual and spicy, either way it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on her the rest of the day.

Write Her a Love Letter

Take your sweet text to the next level and write it out! This is what is known as a love letter. There is something special about old world romance and I assure you, no matter what sort of lady you have in your life, she will melt like putty with this one. Don’t talk yourself out of it because you don’t think you are capable! Like we already established it’s all about the intent, and the very action alone will solidify the grandness of the deed. Slip your love letter into the back pouch of her Gnome and deliver a surprise that proves gnomebody loves her more!

Couple Pedicures

Let’s start by saying that this does not demean you manliness. Trust us, your women views your feet and fingernails just the same as you do hers. It’s a two way street! Couples pedicures are relaxing and enjoyable for both parties. It will thrill her that you are willing to go out of your comfort zone, and it will also give you an opportunity to bond. If you still aren’t convinced just know all pedicures come with a foot rub. Sounds amazing right?

Cook Her Dinner

If you are a good cook, whip up one of her favorite dishes. If your kitchen skills are less than excellent don’t worry, it doesn’t detract from the deed. Cook to your skill level, or order out and set it up at home. Even a tragic dinner burnt black will turn into a hilarious memory and she will appreciate the action none the less.


This one is easy and never gets less exciting. If you want to up your flower power gesture, have them sent to her work! The additional compliments she gets while they bloom will make her smile and bring her thoughts right back to you.


This one, like flowers never gets less exciting or delicious. It is not a cliché, women really do love chocolate! With the exception of a few with food allergies we have never known a woman who didn’t love chocolate in some form. Trust us on this, chocolates are like a kiss in edible form.

Draw Her a Bath

As much as spending time together is wonderful, sometimes it’s nice to have a little peace and quiet. When the stresses run high this idea is perfect. Baths and Showers have been scientifically proven to release happy hormones, and the time to reflect will have her appreciating your efforts even more. If she is not a bath person, get the shower steamy and hot for her.  Add extra ambiance with wine, candles, and some aroma therapy bath salts.

Make the Bed

The act alone will be greatly appreciated, even if the decorative pillows are not in the right order. If you’re the bed maker in the relationship, then leaver her a charming note that says “I turned down the blankets for you”. It’s all about turning the expected into the unexpected. With this idea, you can really transform any typical daily chore into something funny and memorable.

Say I Love You in a Creative Way

Any time you proclaim your love to a woman she will listen. Say it loud, say it proud, and throw her for a curve ball with the delivery.  With Gnoments you can program the NFC chip in her Gnome to play a sound bite from your special song. It keeps things fresh and reminders her that it’s not the routine of saying “I Love You” that keeps those three words being repeated.

Offer to Handle a “To-Do” from Her List

Offering help makes her feel appreciated and validates that you respect her time equal to your own.

This habit also has the benefit of leading to reciprocated help. The Beatles hit song was a hit for a reason, we all get by a little better with the help.

Tell Her She is Beautiful

This has best results when said out of the blue and for no reason at all. However, heartfelt compliments are always a good idea. Women are hard on themselves, and sometimes a little outside reminder that “you only have eyes for her”, or that she is “one foxy lady” makes all the difference in how she feels all day. A compliment from someone you love is priceless!

Make Her your Screen Saver

This is similar to telling her she is beautiful, but it puts those words into action. This simple gesture is a sweet way saying “the whole world knows who my eyes gleam for”. It also has the subtle way of hinting that you think about her even when she isn’t around. It’s another technological way to romance your lady love.

Offer up a Foot Rub or Back Massage

She will not say no and she will love it.

She may even offer to give you one in return, especially if you took our advice and did the couples pedicure. It all comes full circle!

Treat Her Like a Lady

This last one might sound like a no brainer, but it goes back to the old world romance we touched on. Treat your lady like a lady and she will see you as her man. Open her doors, tuck your phone away at dinner, pick up the bill when you’re the one who asks her out, and walk her to the door. Heck, carry her over the threshold! Manners matter and she is sure to take notice in the special treatment you are awarding her in exchange for her hand. You will get extra suave points if you can even work in calling her My ‘lady a time or two.

Don’t let the preconceived notions of what you are told romance should look like stop you from trying. The two things all our suggestions have in common are you and true intentions to make a genuine impression. If you are lucky enough to have a woman in your life that looks at you with hearts in her eyes, then I can assure you that any one of these suggestions will only solidify and continue to renew the love you have cultivated together.

Gnome matter how you choose to spend your time together, what really matters is that you do.

Gnoments is here to help you accomplish you relationship goals and keep the romance alive and active. Gnoments are a tangible outlet that reminds you to do special things for each other, no matter big or small. They are symbolic to the purpose they serve. Their magnetic hands always bring them back to each other and their cute playful presence grabs your attention as a daily reminder that’s hard to ignore. Whether you send a Gnomification through our website, plant the gnome with a special note, or use the embedded NFC chip to program a special message for your honey, as the recipient you feel special to find a thoughtful gnome waiting for you. Romance is about fun, excitement, and all the little things that make up the beautiful story of your love. Gnoments simply serves as an outlet in which you can start creating more moments to add to your story.

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