Gnoments | Plan the Perfect Spring Break Getaway


Love is in the air as spring brings everything into bloom, including your romance! The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter and it’s the perfect time of year to take your together time outside to flourish in the twitterpated excitement spring brings.

Its picnics, bike rides, and weekend road trips. You don’t even have to go that far to feel like you are outside of your normal routine, and a spring break road trip is a romantic road to be traveled together! Let Gnoments and our Gnomes help you plan a weekend getaway! It’s a cinch and with a few simple suggestions from Gnoments, you can be well on your way this weekend.

First you should pick a location that won’t take all day to get to, but that will also feel like you are far enough away that the normalcy of your day to day routine together is forgotten. A few of our top suggestions would be:

  • Camping
  • Wine Tasting
  • A cozy hidden B&B
  • A Resort meant for pampering
  • A weekend Cruse
  • The nearest Beach, or closest and biggest body of water be it a Lake, River, or Creek
  • Book a flight for some place overnight, Spring Break also means airline deals
  • Turn off your phones, close the blinds, draw a bath, crack open the champagne and make your home its own little get away for the weekend

Secondly you should make a checklist for your sweetheart so they can prepare for the trip without needing all the details. The element of surprise makes a getaway all the more thrilling, and with Gnoments NFC programmable chip you can easily create a checklist that can be reviewed on an Android phone or even placed in the Gnomes back pocket pouch. Don’t forget the little, but necessary, details like a swimsuit, hiking shoes, a hat, or a nice outfit for a fancy dinner.

Lastly, you should make your move and just go for it! Set up your Gnomes for the big surprise, or send your sweetheart a Gnomification that will put a fun twist to a seemingly ordinary day at work. Romance isn’t always about strategically planned time together. The best memories are sometimes made when you just wing it!  Pick a place and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. No matter what you do, spring brings the promise of a budding new romantic relationship, even if it’s the same one you’ve been in for years. With Gnoments, making love fun is as simple as dreaming up your next adventure together. Be it a movie night in or a trip across the state, Gnoments and our Gnomes just want to see you both making more time to cultivate your love. Doesn’t that sound lovely indeed?!

So, what are you waiting for?  A goodtime awaits you and your sweetheart!

Love truly is more fun with Gnoments.

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6 Things To Be Honest About In Your Relationship //

Relationship Advice

When you first start dating someone it’s natural to want to put your best foot forward.  We all do it. In the beginning stages it’s all too easy to be eager to please. We find ourselves getting dressed up, being open to new situations, and perhaps even letting small things slide that trigger red flags. Some of your concerns will get ironed out with time, and as your relationship grows you begin to grow together. It’s all part of the beautiful evolution of love!

After your relationship has settled into a comfortable state of love, it’s important to keep in mind that the success of your relationship is built on a foundation of truth and trust. We may be all smiles in the beginning even when it comes to things that might be out of our norm, but as time passes these little things could turn into bigger problems if you don’t maintain a clear line of communication.

There are a few things to always be honest about in your relationship that will give you both a sense of individual presence. As your lives merge it gets even more essential to be honest and honesty in the end will keep you both happy and hopeful.

  1. What Makes You Happy

If you want a partner that tends to your needs then it’s important to be honest about the things that make you happy. In a world filled with so many endless possibilities for happiness, it’s essential that your individual needs are known by your partner. This allows them to be able to feel good about making you happy, and also allows you both to have mutual respect for each other’s happiness.

  1. Plans for the Future

In order to grow together, you must both build a world that you can see yourselves living in. This means moving in the same direction together even if perhaps your plans vary a little. There are some future plans that can dictate the success of a relationship so it’s imperative that as you grow and your plans get bigger that you both have open and honest communication about the life you dream of.

  1. Sex

As sex is an important part of any loving relationship, it’s necessary to make sure you both are happy. It’s healthy to have conversations about likes, dislikes and fantasies. It benefits no one to fake anything in this department, and in many if not most cases, practice makes perfect. An open conversation brings satisfaction to both parties and also keeps things exciting and fun.

  1. Being Upset

Don’t say you’re happy when you’re not. We all know that “I’m fine” rarely means just that.

It’s not okay to fly off the handle every time you get rubbed the wrong way. However, you should never fake a smile. This will only confuse your partner and leave room for more error in the future. You partner doesn’t want to make you unhappy but they can’t fix the issues if your key phrase to being upset is “It’s fine”. Be as honest as you can, and have a conversation when you’re feeling less emotional, about why you were upset and your feelings on that situation. It’s also helpful to have a few suggestions for correcting future discrepancies. Keep in mind that your partner has the right to weigh in on their feelings and sometimes a compromise will have to take place.

  1. Finances

If your relationship is mature, and you’re both financially tied to each other in some way then it’s really important to be honest about anything that could affect your standard of living. It’s also really vital to be honest about the little spending habits that you simply refuse to cut out of the budget. There are very few things that can break up a lasting relationship quicker than money problems. Problems are just obstacles to overcome when there is open conversation and team effect in execution. If you need your Starbucks everyday then be honest about that and you can both budget according to the things you desire, within reason of course. It’s also a great way for you both to set future goals, and strive for success together.

  1. All the Good Stuff

The most important thing to never be quiet about in a relationship is ALL the good things you think about each other and your life together. It’s easy to get wrapped up in life and assume your partner knows just what you are thinking, but we already know mind readers are a rarity. So, when you feel those sweet and kind feelings start to stir, say them out loud. Say I love you often, remind your partner how attractive you find them, thank each other for things both big and small, and most of all build your relationship on all the “good stuff”. It’s amazing how addicting it is to make the one you love happy! The more you praise each other, the more you both strive to keep that feeling alive.

Celebrating all the good stuff is exactly what Gnoments is about! When romance begins to slip, Gnoments and our Gnomes have been designed to help create that excitement, and thoughtfulness, that shows the love of your life that you care.  Your gestures don’t have to be elaborate, complicated, or cost any money. It’s the thoughtfulness that creates the romance, it shows that you care.

Your Gnoments Gnomes sit in their special spot and cannot wait to be used. All you have to do to begin is pick one up and play. Their magnetic hands always bring them back to each other and their cute playful presence grabs your attention as a daily reminder that’s hard to ignore. No matter what you’re trying to convey, be it an apology, a sexy tip for the bedroom, or an affordable date night surprise, Gnoments and our Gnomes can help.

Creating fun and thoughtful moments for the one you love is easy, especially when your love is resilient in an open and honest relationship. Love is more fun with Gnoments!

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Gnoments | 10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day



We don’t have anything against long stemmed roses, candle light dinners, or chocolates …

In fact we love all those things! But this year we suggest you spice things up and think outside the heart shaped chocolate box. As the years go by together you might find it harder and harder to find unique, fun and thoughtful ways to add some variation to your Valentine’s Day routine as a couple.

We’ve come up with 10 unconventional Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to make a night worth remembering, and one that will set the standards for the rest of your romantic year ahead.

1. Print Photos Of You Two Together
Take a walk down memory lane together and relive all the captured moments that make up your love story. You can plaster them on your fridge, make a scrapbook together, or just sip wine and reminisce.

2. Mail a Love Letter to Your Significant Others’ Work
Who doesn’t love to be surprised? Flowers and Edible Arrangements might be expected, but receiving mail at work will be a completely shocking surprise. Receiving mail is always exciting, especially when it’s unexpected and from someone you love.

3. Fill Your Bedroom with Helium Balloons
Your local Dollar Store is sure to have a multitude of balloons that you can use to set the stage for the night. Add a little touch of sensual stimulation to your typical bedroom décor. You can even add rose petals and hang strands of lights if you really want to create a romantic staycation environment.

4. Send a Sweet Text on the Hour Every Hour
A text is a modern day love letter! Sending a text every hour on the hour on Valentine’s Day is the equivalent of standing outside a balcony proclaiming your love out loud. The texts can be simple and sweet, or saucy and alluring *wink wink

5. Car Chalk/Lipstick Bomb the Car
It’s the same idea as the “Just Got Married” car festivities, only for Valentine’s Day instead. You can put kisses all over the windows, or write sweet messages all over the car. All day long your sweetheart will be getting looks of admiration as they drive around town. It’s a Valentine’s Day card that’s goes wherever your honey does!

6. Have a Picnic on the Floor At Home
We know it’s cold outside, but who said a Picnic is limited to outside?
You can have a cozy little feast right on the floor of your home. You can even build a fort, or let “Living Landscapes” on Netflix play to make it feel like spring!

7. Have a Sexy Photoshoot
Technology has made it very easy for you to be a professional photographer, besides these photos are just for the two of you. They will serve as sexy reminders of how tantalizing your alone time together can be, not just on Valentine’s Day but all year!

8. Play Strip Poker
It’s game night with all the right incentives.

9. Send a Heart Shaped Pizza
It’s the perfect way to celebrate the one who has a “pizza” your heart. If you are good in the kitchen you can even bake your own pie of love. This is one Valentines heart shaped goodie that is cheesy in all the right ways!

10. Carve Your Initials Somewhere
Make your love permanent! If you aren’t up for the commitment of a tattoo then why not carve your initials into a tree on your property? You can also write them in marker somewhere in your home like a little corner on the ceiling or inside a cupboard door you use often. Each time you come home, look up, or open up the cupboard you will enjoy a heart smile that reminds you of your love together.

Valentine’s Day is perfect for creating a romantic standard of how you can expand on your romantic occasions together. Valentine’s Day is a mentality that doesn’t have to end after the 14th of February has come and gone. You and your love want to feel special and appreciated every day not just once a year, and with a little help from Gnoments and our Gnomes more days can be like Valentine’s Day.

Gnomes celebrate around 300 years of marriage so they know a thing or two about keeping things exciting and extending the Valentine’s Day mentality to last all year long. Love is worth celebrating more than just one day a year! Gnome matter how you choose to spend your time together, what really matters is that you do. Gnoments and our Gnomes are here to help you accomplish you relationship goals and keep the romance alive and active all year long.

Love is more fun with Gnoments!

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