The Difference Between Men & Women | How Gnoments Can Help Bridge the Gap


Men may be from Mar and Women from Venus, but there is still the common understood language that both men and women speak when it comes to romance and love. Generally speaking women seek the prolonged gratification of deep intimacy and the validation of sweet gestures and heartfelt time together. Men on the flip side generally tend to desire a more instant rush and gain lasting satisfaction from the idea of reaping the benefits that please his partner. In the middle both men and women meet to come together to create a relationship of give and take where ultimately the desire, for a happy and loving union, is the same.

While the distance between men and woman may seem vast, they are relatively simple when you break it down. Gnoments provides the perfect barrier breaker when it comes to bridging the gap!

Men are givers, and get pleasure in their partner’s enjoyment. Men like to feel like men, and of course need to feel appreciated and respected. As a man, you want to please your partner and you want your lady to recognize everything you have to offer. Men love to give, but often times require communication from their lady to know what needs need tending to. The Gnoments Gnomes offer the perfect combination as a tool of communication, and as a loving reminder of understanding her need for connection. Gnoments Gnomes can serve as a way to say thank you when she comes home to find your Gnome sitting next flowers. You can send a Gnomification love letter to remind your lady she is the apple of your eye, or program her Gnomes NFC chip with the menu for her favorite restaurant and a time in which to meet you there. Remember that to a woman connection and communication are essential. When you use Gnoments you are showing her that you wish to connect either through making time to spend together, or of sending her your thoughts of love. As a man having the Gnoments Gnomes sitting on your shelf will call to action your manly urges to please your lady, and perhaps garner a little pleasure in return. (Gnome wink wink)

Women are nurturers, and develop connection through understanding, communication, and feeling appreciated and respected.  As a woman you want to tend to your man, and have him truly understand your needs for affection as a woman. Women want to make their men feel special, but often times assume men speak the same language as women do. The Gnoments Gnomes are a great outlet for helping your man to understand what your needs are. The Gnomes offer up the perfect opportunity to create special moments between the two of you that will prompt a response of reciprocation. Keep in mind that to a man making you happy and fulfilling your needs is part of his hardwiring. The more he feels appreciated the more his will be willing to go out of his way to give you what you want. Gnoments Gnomes can be used as a sensual way to seduce you man. You can send a Gnomification with a picture meant for only his eyes, place a Gnome in the refrigerator with an “I appreciate you” note and a packed lunch, or program his gnomes NFC chip to surprise him with a map that leads to massages for two. As a woman your Gnoments Gnomes will center your attention to nurturing your relationship into what you wish it to be. If you lead by example, you are sure in time to watch your man take the lead.

Gnoments and their Gnomes help you embrace the differences that are natural between men and women, and help you find fun and thoughtful ways to create moments together. When we realize our differences aren’t all that different, love and romance can thrive. Try Gnoments out for yourselves and see what we mean!

Gnome matter how you choose to spend your time together, what really matters is that you do.

Gnoments is here to help you accomplish you relationship goals and keep the romance alive and active. Gnoments are a tangible outlet that reminds you to do special things for each other, no matter big or small. They are symbolic to the purpose they serve. Their magnetic hands always bring them back to each other and their cute playful presence grabs your attention as a daily reminder that’s hard to ignore. Whether you send a Gnomification through our website, plant the gnome with a special note, or use the embedded NFC chip to program a special message for your honey, as the recipient you feel special to find a thoughtful gnome waiting for you. Romance is about fun, excitement, and all the little things that make up the beautiful story of your love. Gnoments simply serves as an outlet in which you can start creating more moments to add to your story.

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