10 Reasons Why Your Realtionship Needs Gnoments


We may be slightly bias when it comes to Gnoments and our sweet little bearded and braided Gnomes. However, we have an inkling that you too feel your heart strings being tugged at the thought of having a fun new outlet for creating thoughtful moments with the one you love. Not only are the Gnoments Gnomes adorable, but they also serve a rather romantic purpose of keeping your love life on the to-do list.

For most of us in relationships, thriving through all the chaos of life, we tend to start questioning “what time is there for Romance?” There is no question that you and your sweetheart have an abundance of love in your relationship, but it may be a shared idea that there isn’t enough time for romance with everything that gets in the way. We generally take the time to make everyone else in our lives feel special, but often short change our romantic relationship. Gnoments and our Gnomes are here to put an end to the school of thought that romance is dead. It is alive, well, and waiting for you this very moment!

We’ve talked it over with our Gnomes and here are 10 very simple and very true reasons that you need Gnoments in your life:

1. You deserve romance.
There is nothing wrong with putting you first. When you dedicate time to yourself and the things that matter most, like your love life, everything else reaps the benefits of the balance you have created for yourself.

2. Love makes the world go round.
Love makes everything seem possible, even the daily conundrums of life. When you fill your love tank, you can travel the distance. A life without love is no life at all. Gnoments helps you declare your love, because your world spins together with your babe, and oh what a beautiful life it is.

3. Seeing your sweetheart smile.
Is there anything better than that smile? We know it still melts your heart! Make your partner smile dreamy smiles that are dedicated just for you, because of you.

4. We all need a friendly reminder.
You will never forget to make time for thoughtfulness with the adorable bearded and braided gnomes in your home. Gnoments Gnomes in their red hats serve as the pink elephant in the room. They are hard to ignore and they will prompt the necessary reminder to stop, and take a Gnoment to create a moment.

5. Reciprocation.
You made your partner smile, which truthfully is a reward into itself. However, love and thoughtfulness come full circle. The more you give, the more you get. Think about how exciting it will be to see a missing Gnome and know it’s your turn to play. Oh the thrill, we can hardly wait for you!
6. Gnomes are great with kids.
While the Gnomes serve as a romantic reminder, Gnomes sure have a magical way with kids as well. Entice the kids to invite your Gnomes to join them on a task of surprising mom and dad with a clean room, or a special picture painted by loving hands. Gnoments will surely be a fun incentive for cooperation and happy homes. We hear Gnomes, like all magical creatures, know Santa, the tooth fairy, and give mom and dad a good deeds report at the end of each day. If getting your kids excited about cleaning their room isn’t magic, then gnomes don’t exist.

7. Gnoments is fun.
Think about all the new fun and exciting ways that you can enchant your lover with the Gnoments Gnomes. The possibilities are endless! Gnoments Gnomes have a high-tech NFC technology, back pouches for notes and trinkets, and you can even send Gnomifictions through our website directly to an email address or phone. Your Gnomes are not limited to just your pair, you can play with other couples who use Gnomes too. Don’t worry, if you need help getting the toadstool rolling, Gnoments.com has lots of ideas for how to use your Gnomes!

8. Reprogram you romance radar.
Like any habit, it takes time to form and repetition to stick. Gnoments Gnomes are a smaller less furry version of Pavlov’s law. With time you will develop new romantic habits that are instinctual and don’t take much conscious effort to generate. That is the ultimate goal of Gnoments and nothing pleases our Gnomes more than to be an afterthought to a romantic surprise!

9. Communication regeneration.
Communication is key and Gnoments is the great communicator. Sometimes it may be easier to let the Gnomes do the talking. If you want to ask someone out on a date, apologize, or leave early for work and want your sleeping beauty to wake up to something thoughtful, the Gnoments Gnomes can solve all those issues for you. They are ever so happy in fact to be your wing-man, or wing-gnome as would be more fitting.

10. Bring back the butterflies.
Gnomes like to garden and want to help your romance bloom. With a little help from Gnoments you can plant the seeds of romance that let your love blossom. Butterflies follow the flowers, bring back the butterflies! We love the way they tummy tickle.

When romance begins to slip, Gnoments and our Gnomes have been designed to help create that excitement, and thoughtfulness, that shows the love of your life that you care. Your gestures don’t have to be elaborate, complicated, or cost any money. It’s the thoughtfulness that creates the romance, it shows that you care.

Your Gnoments Gnomes sit in their special spot and cannot wait to be used. All you have to go to begin is pick one up and play. No matter how much time you have to dedicate to your gesture, the Gnoments Gnomes will amplify your kindness and remind your snookums just what they mean to you!
Gnome matter how you choose to spend your time together, what really matters is that you do.
Gnoments is here to help you accomplish you relationship goals and keep the romance alive and active. Gnoments are a tangible outlet that reminds you to do special things for each other, no matter big or small. They are symbolic to the purpose they serve. Their magnetic hands always bring them back to each other and their cute playful presence grabs your attention as a daily reminder that’s hard to ignore. Whether you send a Gnomification through our website, plant the gnome with a special note, or use the embedded NFC chip to program a special message for your honey, as the recipient you feel special to find a thoughtful gnome waiting for you. Romance is about fun, excitement, and all the little things that make up the beautiful story of your love. Gnoments simply serves as an outlet in which you can start creating more moments to add to your story.

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