The Life Cycle of Romance & Love | How Gnoments Can Keep Your Relationship Young


Romance & Love

noun |( rō-măns′, rō′măns′)
a. A love affair
b. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love
c. A strong, sometimes short-lived attachment, fascination, or enthusiasm for something

This seemingly little word packs powerful meaning and affects every human alive in one way or another. Romance has the ability to change our lives, manifest dreams, break our hearts, make us sick, and if we are lucky and work at it, last forever.

True romance is tied up in love and makes you want to do special and unexpected things for the one who has your heart. True romance is making an effort to show the person you love that you are thinking of them, care for them, and want them as a part of your daily life. Romance isn’t forced or even necessarily complicated, but sometimes it does take work. It’s important to remember that the sweet and simple things that make you fall in love in the first place, have just as important a role in the beginning as it does 50 years down the line. Gnoments was created to assist you & your sweetheart in keeping your true romance alive no matter what chapter of your love story you are in.

The life cycle of romance, while completely individual and bearing its own special story, shares its phases with much like anything else in life.

In The Beginning There Are Butterflies.
The beginning of a new budding relationship is always exciting! In the beginning emotions run high, the heartstrings sing, and there are butterflies aflutter. As a couple you begin creating a series of firsts together that you will never stop smiling about. It’s the heart racing, stomach flips, stolen kisses, and long glances phase. You are getting sucked into the whirlwind of falling in love. Your partner can do no wrong and no amount of time is ever too much. All the normalcies in your life take a bench while you chase after those butterflies. It’s so special, so magical, and each couple only gets this phase once, so living in it for as long as possible is exactly what should be done. Romance is alive and seems to have no end in sight!

In this early exhilarating stage of romance, introducing Gnoments can be especially fun and playful. As you are all too eager to please each other, the surprise element of little bearded and braided gnomes spontaneously appearing in your romance adds quirky fun to an already flourishing romance. The fun of finding a gnome in the home, with a pre-programmed message for a romantic occasion for two will keep the heart beats racing in anticipation for the next gnome sighting. It will surely become a game of romantic wits, and entice new ways to up the Gnoment seduction for the one you love.
Progression is natural, necessary, and another fun part in the growth of a relationship.
The Comfort Phase Comes Knocking.
As you settle into your relationship you begin to grow comfortable. Slowly you slip into a realm where you can let loose, and you begin to build a routine around one another where your lives merge into one. You begin to let your life back in, and can do more things apart. A new set of firsts begin that invoke strengthening growth between you and your partner.

You are still in the early stages of love, and while you may be settling in, the desire to please your partner is still strong. You now know each other’s routines, likes, and turn-ons, so creating romance has become easier and in many ways more fun. Your Gnoments can be a symbolic part of the passion and pleasure that remains resilient. Your Gnomes have NFC technology that will allow you to link to maps for surprise dinners, and a back pouch for more personal messages. You could plan dinner, with a suggestive dessert back home. Now that is a dinner date to anxiously anticipate! Part of the fun of using the Gnoment Gnomes is reciprocation – the Gnoments Gnomes love to play together, but they are also good at taking turns!

Relationships will always be about discovery, and discovery is always an indicator of growth. Comfort isn’t the end of romance, but it is the beginning of the reality of romance.

Discovering You Are In The Discovery Phase.
The comfort has settled in and now all your cats are coming out of the bag. This can also be where the beginning butterflies fade and the daily routines become a dominate role in both your lives. You start to discover who is/isn’t a morning person, who is/isn’t tidy, who closes the door when they use the bathroom, who is/isn’t always running 10 minutes late, eating habits, night owl activities, the list goes on and on. This can be a trip of turmoil as you learn to compromise, adjust, and accept, but in the process you strengthen your bond, grow true respect, and come out of this discovery phase with a whole new perspective. The important part here is to remember that you have never lost what you began with. The only difference is now you have to consciously make the same efforts you did in the butterflies phase. Remember when you dropped everything to bend over backwards to make time for your partner? Same mentality applies, and now you get the opportunity to blend it together with reality. A fun new challenge right?

As your relationship grows, Gnoments takes on an increasingly important role. Although the butterflies may have subsided and a growing sense of comfort has set in, the Gnoments Gnomes were specially designed to help create excitement. Who doesn’t like surprises? When an adorable bearded or braided Gnome appears in unexpected territory it will leave your loved one wondering “what the??” Things get more exciting as there might be a special memento in the back pouch or a programmed NFC message with further instructions. Whether you relive a weekend getaway together, send a Gnomicifaction with a link to “your” song, or stuff a love note in the Gnome pouch, Gnoments Gnomes will help you get the heart beats skipping and the butterflies fluttering once more. Gnoments give you an opportunity to return to the infallible hero status of those early days!

Discovery and familiarity are all a part of the great scheme of romance and love. You can’t truly have one without the other and honestly why would you want to anyway? In the process you have learned to truly accept your partner and relationship. You see your loves flaws, and relationships quirks for what they really are, special.

Familiarity & Acceptance. The Most Special Phase of All Phases.
This phase is warm, known, and accepting.
You can now finish each other sentences, manage a life around each other that weaves in and out almost effortlessly, and you have learned to love the little things even when they used to drive you more than insane. You can be yourself, stand your ground, and live with one another without the fear of rejection. You made it to the place every new romance hopes to see. In the process though you might have missed, rescheduled, or canceled more than a few date nights, late night pillow talks, and opportunities to plant the proverbial flowers of romance that welcome back the butterflies. Your romance isn’t dead, it’s just waiting to be reborn into the new life you two have created together!

Your love for each other is now understood and that is a beautiful accomplishment. It’s important in this phase of romance and love to remember that just because your undeniable love is understood, doesn’t mean that you have to stop explaining it through actions. There is never a phase in a relationship when you can stop working at romance. The Gnoments Gnomes are perfect for being the daily reminder that your relationship deepens and your story expands, when you continue to make special moments together.

Life makes its own agenda, and as the famous quote by John Lennon says “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”.

Life & Love. The Phase of All Phases.
Two lives, and one busy relationship to manage!
You two have daily responsibilities, long days, people who count on you, and the never ending continuum of life adventures. With life, if it is not one thing it will surely be another. The list is lovely and oh so long: family, marriage, kids, pets, work, bills, sleep, healthy, and everything that makes up your LIFE. When life settles in we discover that life is what we make of it, and is composed of the moments that add up to create the beautiful picture we have worked hard to achieve. It is at this point in Life that you are in the best place to have a romance that only life lessons could grant.

Your romance is now probably a mixture of all the previous phases gloriously coming and going in a never ending cycle. True, you may have to plan a little more for romance, but your desires as a couple to spend time together never fades. You love your partner and this love continues to grow each day.

For most of us this phase of life and love, amongst all the chaos, tends to make us ask ourselves, what Romance? There is an abundance of love, but it’s a common theme of belief that there isn’t any time for romance. We generally take the time to make everyone else in our lives feel special, but often short change the love of our life. It may be assumed the love is present and understood, therefore replaces the need for romance as your life list of responsibilities grows.

As the seasons turn, the moon changes faces, and the life cycle repeats, love and romance too has its own cycle. It may take a bit of effort, just like the effort we put towards making everyone else happy around us. This shouldn’t make couples fearful, but instead create contentment in reflecting upon the many ways in which you’ve grown together in love. The excitement to continue this growth together and continually renew your romance is what pushes togetherness in every phase. Life has now presented you with all the necessary knowledge to understand what makes your romance work. Perhaps all that is missing is the reminder …

When romance begins to slip, Gnoments and our Gnomes have been designed to help create that excitement, and thoughtfulness, that shows the love of your life that you care. Your gestures don’t have to be elaborate, complicated, or cost any money. It’s the thoughtfulness that creates the romance, it shows that you care.

Your Gnoments Gnomes sit in their special spot and cannot wait to be used. All you have to go to begin is pick one up and play. No matter what phase of romance and love you are in, Gnoments and our Gnomes are here to help you!

Creating fun and thoughtful moments for the one you love is easy, especially when your love is resilient enough to make it through every phase of love and romance, especially the phase of life.

Gnome matter how you choose to spend your time together, what really matters is that you do.
Gnoments is here to help you accomplish you relationship goals and keep the romance alive and active. Gnoments is a tangible outlet that reminds you to do special things for each other, no matter big or small. They are symbolic to the purpose they serve. Their magnetic hands always bring them back to each other and their cute playful presence grabs your attention as a daily reminder that’s hard to ignore. Whether you send a Gnomification through our website, plant the gnome with a special note, or use the embedded NFC chip to program a special message for your honey, as the recipient you feel special to find a thoughtful gnome waiting for you. Romance is about fun, excitement, and all the little things that make up the beautiful story of your love. Gnoments simply serves as an outlet in which you can start creating more moments to add to your beautiful story.

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