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Growing up, I often woke up to a sweet note my Dad would leave my Mom on our kitchen countertop, and sometimes in the summertime there was a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to go along with the note.  I can remember my Dad’s particular style of writing and the smell of the carnations, my Mom’s favorite flowers, as though it was yesterday.

When I got married, my husband and I often did kind and thoughtful things for each other. You know those sweet things that happen in the honeymoon phase of dating and marriage?  Ahhhh, those early years, how special they are.  Sadly, somehow as nearly 20 years of marriage has gone by, starting a joint business, adding 2 boys to the mix with tons of activities to keep up with, it is difficult to get a full night sleep, let alone mustering up the energy or creativity to do the sweet little things for one another.  I would often wonder, what could I do that would be special and I would go online, check out pinterest and whatever creative ideas I could borrow from the talented people out there, but honestly, there was not much in the way of fun new ideas to surprise my honey.

I still remember when we came up with Gnoments, there was a group of us at our office laughing yet lamenting about how kids get all the fun and exciting things and that there is nothing special or magical for us grown ups – ‘ding’ lightbulb moment – Gnoments was born.  The concept was to design a cute character that could sit somewhere and be the bearer of tidings and surprises.  Once we made our first Gnome prototype, they sat on a visible shelf we had.  Their sheer presence reminded us to stop and do something sweet for one another.

One Sunday morning, shortly after Gnoments arrived home, the boy gnome was not on the shelf with his mate.  I must admit, I felt excited, as if I was 12 years old again, waking up on my birthday.   I wondered, why isn’t the gnome where he belongs? Where could he be? Was there something waiting for me? I excitedly walked into the kitchen, opened up the pantry to get a coffee cup and there was the gnome, holding my favorite blueberry muffin and a sweet little note in his back pouch that read:   “Good Morning to my beautiful Wife! I love you!”  What a way to start the day – I was all smiles!  I couldn’t wait to reciprocate!

Knowing my hubby was going to be at the office all day, I thought I would quickly grab my girl gnome, and I programmed the NFC Chip with a link of the website of our favorite restaurant, along with a text message that read, “Friday Night – just you and me!”  And a note that I placed in the back pouch that said: “scan me”.  I quickly put it in his briefcase.  Shortly after he arrived at the office, I got a phone call and it clearly made his day too.

We decided right there that Gnoments accomplished for us what we set out to do.  So, we decided to have some more made and gave them to people on our team that were in relationships and friends and the verdict was the same:  Gnoments helped create those thoughtful moments for both young, just dating couples, and seasoned couples too.  All relationships need fostering and these Gnomes were developed to do just that.  We hope Gnoments creates fun and thoughtful moments for you too!

Gnome matter how you choose to spend your time together, what really matters is that you do.

Gnoments is here to help you accomplish you relationship goals and keep the romance alive and active. Gnoments are a tangible outlet that reminds you to do special things for each other, no matter big or small. They are symbolic to the purpose they serve. Their magnetic hands always bring them back to each other and their cute playful presence grabs your attention as a daily reminder that’s hard to ignore. Whether you send a Gnomification through our website, plant the gnome with a special note, or use the embedded NFC chip to program a special message for your honey, as the recipient you feel special to find a thoughtful gnome waiting for you. Romance is about fun, excitement, and all the little things that make up the beautiful story of your love. Gnoments simply serves as an outlet in which you can start creating more moments to add to your story

So, what are you waiting for Grab a Gnoment and Make a Moment!

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