About Gnoments

Relationships go through many stages; from young love to mature love, we experience a range of emotions from discovery and excitement to friendship and contentment. No matter the stage, relationships require fostering. Let's face it, we are busy. Between work and friends and family, we get pulled in all different directions and oftentimes we neglect to take the time to do the small things that will make love blossom.

The Gnomes in Gnoments will help your love grow by being a gentle reminder to be thoughtful. "How", do you ask? Quite frankly, their sheer presence is a reminder of your love. They work best when they have a place in your home and when one is away, it means it is time to play.

It is simple, on a busy morning write a quick note and put it in the gnome pouch and quickly hide the gnome in his briefcase. You will surely put a smile on his face at the office. Now the game is on, he'll want to reciprocate. Question is, will he step up his game? You get the picture.

Gnoments offers so many opportunities to easily create thoughtful gestures; whether you use the embedded NFC technology to program a message through your smart phone, write a sweet note in the Gnome's back pouch, or send a Gnomification, there is a thoughtful gesture awaiting every occasion! So, What are you waiting for?

Grab your Gnoments & Make a Moment!!