~Plant your Gnome, with a note or scan~
~Your loved one reads the message~
~Enjoy your Gnoments~
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Our lives are so filled with to do's that, as couples, we don't take the time to do the little things that keep our relationships fresh and fun. We may remember the big occasions, but it's the moments in between, the small gestures, that make us feel special.

These little gnomes are here to help you!
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Their presence will encourage you to dream up thoughtful gestures and fun adventures to surprise and enamor your loved one.

Each Gnome has a special surprise gnome pouch on its back to hide a note or something special. You can also deliver surprise messages. videos, sound clips, photos, maps and more though each gnomes' embedded NFC technology OR, send a Gnomification text or email through our website.

The Gnoments Kit includes 2 loving gnomes and a 32 page book filled with ideas to help couples, young and old, create special moments!

Try Gnoments today and let the fun begin!

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